Care of Jewellery

All our jewellery is supplied in a box and soft bag. The jewellery should be stored inside its own box to prevent it from scratching and to diminish tarnishing. Amber and Pearls are particularly susceptible to scratching and premature ageing if not stored correctly. Care should be taken when using perfumes and hairsprays as contact with these products will damage all jewellery. It is particularly harmful to Amber and Pearls.

Gold and silver are susceptible to damage by chlorine and you should avoid wearing silver jewellery when using chlorine, bleach or harsh abrasive cleaners.

Amber can be cleaned by washing with a weak solution of soapy water and polished dry with a soft cloth. Amber mounted in silver or gold should not be dipped in commercial jewellery cleaning solutions. The silver or gold plated mounting can be polished using a silver polishing cloth such as Hagerty or Goddards